Sunday, June 17, 2018


Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. But a special one to my husband...his first. 
Unfortunately, I have been forced into work so our day together was very, very, very short. I was able to put together matching shirts for him and our daughter to wear.
How adorable are these?
My husband loved it when he opened it and saw that it read 'Daddy and Cora' on the sleeve.
He first opened his shirt. Then went and took a shower. When he came out our daughter was dressed in her matching onsie.
He was so excited.
Thanks so much for looking. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Hi Folks, I am sorry that I have been a way for just over a month. I have been one busy baby!!! Haha.
I actually did get a baby. My husband and I got the call on May 1st that they had a baby girl for us!!! EEKK. I am finally a MOM! I have been a bit busy the last few weeks but hope to get caught up here on my blog/fb in a few days. So let me show you what I did right around May 1st...
This is a giant (almost 5 feet), tall stork that I drew, cut and painted out of the box that the stroller came in.
How adorable!!
It actually only took me a few hours to make. It was waiting for the paint to dry that took the longest.
This is the bundle with the baby. I made it out of another piece of cardboard that I just attached after.
Cora (after my grandmother), Charline (after my aunt) and Skye (given to her by her biological brother).
Here it is all complete. I just LOVE how he came out. 
We used packing tape to attach the stork to a 2x4 and this is my husband putting it in the ground. I also attached a red heart foil balloon to the top of it. Here are some picture of the rest of the yard that was decorated to welcome this little girl...
Our mailbox and the stork to the right.
Here is the front of our house.
A close up of our living room window. I cut the letters with my Cameo.
This is our front door. I had found these amazing pink dahlias that I stuck pink bows in attached more balloons.
Here is a close up of the door (with my reflection in the glass...ugh I have to lose the baby weight!!) Again, I cut the letters from my Cameo.
Finally, I wrapped a pink ribbon up the flag pole and put a big bow in the middle.
Here is a quick photo of Daddy and Cora coming home. So happy to have this bundle of joy.

Friday, April 27, 2018


Hello everyone. I am so happy to announce that the United States Postal Service has a new 'career employee' husband. Even though he has been working for them since December 2015 full-time, tomorrow starts his first day as a employee who collects benefits. 
I made him this adorable paper LOV (that is the technical term for the mail truck).
How cute huh?
So many pieces to this, but so worth it.
Look the back door opens for a hidden surprise...
Here is a close up of the metal brads I used to attach the wheels. So perfect!!
Haha, as a personal touch I put a picture of him in uniform, in the driver's seat. 
I am so proud of him. I know he is going to love this. I love you Brian. Best of luck on your newest endeavor.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Happy Sunday everyone. I want to share a cute 3D project I did.
This is actually a birthday gift for one of my nieces. I think giving 'just' money is so impersonal. So when I give money I like to make it special. I came up with this using money bills as the leaves.
I started out with A LOT of pink flowers. That I did ink the edges of to give it a pop of color.
Then I attached each flower to a styrofoam ball. Then I stuck the whole bunch in a 3D box. 
How cute!!
Thanks so much for looking. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2018


My morning project... ha. Now I am hungry!!
I love how this came out. The picture doesn't show the true sparkle of the taco.

This shows the brightness better. You can really see the 'cheese', 'tomatoes', 'lettuce' and 'meat'. Thanks so much for looking.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hi Folks. I wanted to share some 'thank you' cards I made last month.
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I did make them all a bit differently.
The pattern is from Treasure Box Designs. Thanks for looking.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Hi folks, I wanted to share a cute 'altered' notebook I recently did for one of my nieces.
Here is a video of it as is...just the way I bought it.

One side is rainbow...
the other side is silver.
I then cut vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo and placed the negative side directly on top of the cover of the notebook. Making sure all the silver sequins were showing, I 'colored' them with a black Sharpie marker.
I love how personal it came out, I just wish the lines were cleaner. I know I am my worse critic. I bought the notebook from Walmart, but I know that they also have them at Five Below. Thanks so much for looking.