Tuesday, October 8, 2019


We are deep into apple picking season here in New England. I made this adorable card for my special college freshman (who also went recently apple picking with her new dorm-mates.) Thank you to My Scrap Chick for the adorable pattern. #week4

Monday, September 23, 2019


Hi again, Just want to share a quick card I made using a pattern from My Scrap Chick. 

I am kinda disappointed with my inking, but I was bit in the hand last Saturday by a dog and so my movement is limited. Otherwise, it was mailed out and I am sure brought a smile to her face. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hi everyone. I am so sorry that I have been in lull. Actually, la-la-la as in Elmo's World, after all I do have a toddler now. I can't believe how much I DON'T get done in 24 hours with her in my life now. 

Anyways, I want to share a card that I made a few weeks ago. My niece who is off to her first year in college, just got it yesterday so it is safe to post. 

This is the front of the card. (She and her roommate got a fish that they named Beary.)

This is the inside of the card. So cute. I loved using this pattern set. Stay tuned for more amazing cards to come. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I just wanted to share a quick project I did for my daughter's very first St. Pat...

This was my first time using an 'irish font'. I love it. 

Here she is after her green and white cupcakes and (pretend) green milk. Hope everyone has a fun, safe, holiday.

Friday, March 1, 2019


Hello everyone. I did a random act of kindness two days ago that I want to share with you all. 

I have a friend who were in need of some 'sunshine'. So I went to my local Dollar Tree and Walmart to purchase some 'yellow' items. 
There was some candy, chips, cookies, a stress ball, some rubber duckies etc. I put them in a cardboard box with some yellow tissue paper. 
Then, I decorated the box with some pictures of suns. (I was able to find some great free sunshine printables on Pinterest.)
I included a personal note, traced our hands to put on top and mailed it out.
I sure hope it worked. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Happy 18th Birthday to my niece Felicia.
She will be starting college in September so I thought I would get her an umbrella for her birthday. 
I got this cute purple one at Walmart. Then, I tied pink curling ribbon on each of the 'stretcher' inside the umbrella.
I taped a crisp one dollar bill to each ribbons end. (Totally $18.) After all the dollars were in place, I closed up the umbrella like normally. I then wrapped it in cute birthday paper with more curling ribbon on the outside. I gave it to her and said 'Happy Birthday'. She opened it and said 'oh thank you'. I then explained how every college student needs an umbrella to go to class on those rainy days. She agreed and placed it down on the table. I said 'opening it up...it's not really bad luck'. She then picked it up, opened and was totally surprised to see 'it raining money'. haha.
Happy Birthday Felicia!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday. I want to share with you a project I did for the wonderful teenagers I have in my life.
I hate to just give money and the 'kids' love when I do something creative with it. This is what I came up with.
As most of you know, I have a baby and A LOT of baby food jars around. So I cleaned some up, painted the lids and filled them with plain holiday M & M candies.
First, I had my husband help by drilling a hole in each of the caps. 
Then, I wrapped clear packing tape around grilling skewers. I didn't want anyone to find a splinter in with the candy.
Then, I just folded the money into long strips.
Then, I used paddle wire to attach the money to the skewers. 
Finally, I attached a star to the top of each one and wrote their name in the middle. I think they came out super cute and they were a huge hit. Two of them said 'I can't take that apart...It's too cute.' haha.