Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Welcome to my very first 'concertina' card. I absolutely LOVED making it.
It features the 'basic bear' and the 'birthday girl' pattern sets from Design on Cloud 9. It is tough to capture all the detail on this card, but I just love it.

I will be making another one of these really soon. This time I will take step-by-step photos/instructions so you can follow along and attempt one of your own. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello again. I wanted to share a project with you that I actually had made for February 14th. My two nephews were completing in Pack 40 boyscouts pinewood derby races. Each year a group of adults in my family get together to cheer them on and I make something different to show our support. This year I went with foam fingers. The patterns used are from the set titled 'race time' from Designs on Cloud 9.
                                        Here are the fronts...

This is a picture of the backs. I love how they came out, and unfortunately so did all the other boyscouts. I felt bad that I didn't make more for the rest of the pack.  It was a successful derby ~ Aaron placed 2nd and Andrew came in 3rd. So proud of these guys :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

LET'S PLAY (in the rain)

Is there anything cuter than ducks in raincoats? I just love the cloud and rain papers. The patterns are from the 'rainy days' set from Designs on Cloud 9. I added glossy accents to the coats and hats but really doesn't show up too well in the pictures. There is also yellow bling on each let in the title. This layout came out much better in my head as I was creating it, but I think it is still really cute.
Ironically, I was able to take the first two pictures outside before it started to rain. That would be why this three picture is a little darker.

                                    Thanks so much for looking :)


Hello again. Sorry for the (one day) late post. I have been so busy lately, which is a great thing. It means that there are great things to come :)
I thought I would feature the black-eyed Susan flower. These have to be one of the easiest flowers to grow. I have so many in my front yard, it seems they double in numbers from year to year.
I put a piece of foam tape under the middle to raise it just a bit from the rest of the center. This picture does not do this flower justice~it really is much prettier in person. Thank you so much to SVG Cuts for the pattern.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I came up with this idea about 6 weeks ago. I was so excited and cut all the equipment and bears out right away. I had planned a really cute Valentine's red/pink color combo and never got around to pulling it all together.
So I decided to stick with it and stay away from the 'lovey' colors. I just love how it came out. It is just perfect for a boy or a girl or both.
I just love how perfect the paper on the mats are. The patterns are from Designs on Cloud 9 titled 'tech toys'.
                  I think this would be my favorite bear from this layout.

                                     Thanks so much for looking.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello and welcome back to 'fabulous flower Fridays'. I have had several people ask me about the peony flower that was recently featured on a Valentine's Day card for my niece (Another Valentines Day Easel Card). It was my first attempt and did not come out anything like I was hoping. But here it goes...

The pattern is from the 'curly flower' set from Designs on Cloud 9. I actually used the smooth leaf  but just cut it out several times in pink in two different sizes. Then I shaded each one with a pink stamp pad.
I then used a stylus tool to curl the paper to make it more bendable. (It is much easier to do on top of an upside down mouse pad.)
I also cut out two snowflakes from the SCAL basic shapes section. I also took the stylus to them also.
I then started gluing the pink petals to each of the 'legs' of the snowflakes. When both flakes were full I then glue one inside the other. Next I made a small ball of the pink paper and then started gluing this petals to the ball. I then glued the ball inside the snowflake piece and then continued to layer the petals until it was full. Like I have said before, it does not look like a peony at all. I hope to practice again real soon. I am confident that I will get to work :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


How cute is this???? I made this card for an adult nephew of mine. He loves my dachshund and his mustache. (He actually got two switchblade mustache combs for Christmas.) I drew and cut out the wiener dog and the mustaches and background paper are from Designs on Cloud 9. The beautiful lacy heart circles are from bird card's blog (
I absolutely LOVED making this card. I hope Two Tall loves it!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!


I know that I make a lot of easel cards, but I just love how you can see both the 'front' as well as the 'inside' with only one picture!!
This is a card I made for my niece who knows sign language. (We actually signed to each other when she had her wisdom teeth out.) The pattern on the front is the 'love you sign' from Designs on Cloud 9. I also used the 'curly flower' file to make the flower. It is my first attempt at making a peony. I definitely failed, but I am sure it will come with practice. Here are more pictures...
The 'happy love day' are just letters that I downloaded and individually cut out. I know that she is going to love it!! Happy Love Day Noodlicious =)

Monday, February 13, 2012


Happy birthday to a special little girl named Hadley. I made her this cute birthday easel card and matching gift bag.
   (Sorry, I couldn't crop out my 1996 F150 pickup~ man I love that truck - 277,000 miles so far!!!) This is a close up of the card.
                         Here is a close up of the matching gift bag.

      I just love how these came out. I am a huge 'pink' lover to begin with, but I love how cute these bears came out as well. Patterns used were provided by Scraptastic Kreations ~ Thank you Kristi!!
I bet some of you are wondering what is going in the bag??? Well, here it is...
How cool huh? (Her mother told me 'no toys'.)


I do not use digi stamps/images often, but when I do it is usually a Kenny K download. I just love his work. I made this card for a musician and thought how cute to include two Fender guitar picks? (One is in the top left corner, and the other in the bottom right corner ~ tough to see from the shadows casts from the early sunlight.) Since I do not color often I tend to use just regular (cheap) markers that I have hanging around, but I did use some copics (her skin E00, E11, E13, her hair is E57 and E59).
This is what the card looks like open. I just love it. I love the rocker chick, I love the sentiment and of course the guitar picks (I bought off ebay for 40 cents!!) I am sure that it won't win this guys heart, but hopefully it will make him feel just a little bit more loved.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi and welcome to the Valentine's D├ęcor and Gifts Blog Hop.

If you happened here by chance you're in luck! There will be 20 stops full of great ideas, so grab a beverage and head over to the hostess' blog. Staci's blog is at The sponsor for this hop is Designs on Cloud 9 at and she has offered us a $20 gift voucher for the GRAND prize. Head over to her Facebook page at and show her some love. One lucky person who comments on this hop will be the winner of this generous prize. (One person from each stop will be chosen at random and we will then hold a random draw with those 20 people and one lucky person will win the grand prize

                    Ok, here is my project...a Valentine's Kissing Ball.
The roses are all made of paper!! I made them using the 'curly flowers' pattern set from Designs on Cloud 9. I just made a bunch of these beautiful flowers and hot glued them to a styrofoam ball. I also glued so ribbon to hang the ball as well as the pretty hearts on the bottom.
The hearts are also from a pattern used from Designs on Cloud 9 titled 'heart doiles'. I did make one of the hearts pink, but it is hard to tell with the bright sunshine.

                      I just love how pretty it all looks together.
Thank you so much for visiting. If you are new, please follow me here on my blog or on my fb fan page. Please feel free to leave me a comment or two, I love to read them. Now continue on with the hop, you are almost done ~ only two to go.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012


I just finished making a Valentine for one of my nieces who LOVES the Harry Potter series. This is a tri-fold card featuring the Wizard's World pattern set from Designs on Cloud 9. I just love it. The front of the card says 'You are more magical than Harry Potter'.
                                                This is the back of the card. It says 'I love you'.
This is a better picture of the card lying flat. How cute is that froglet? The top left has a snow globe, the middle features an open book, and then the froggie.
Here is another picture of the back lying flat. There is an owl, a witches cauldron, and two cute bottles of potions on the bottom. I just know that she is going to LOVE this!!! I just want to share one more picture of my desk while I was creating this...
            This is my 17 year old son Hairy sound asleep on my desk in his own bed. I love him so!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Welcome again to another Fabulous Flower feature. I thought I would do the sunflower today. I just love, love, love this one. It is super easy and comes out really big. I think the only change I would make to this one is to add some really pretty brown glass beads in the center to dress it up a bit. But either way, it would be the perfect addition to any card, gift bag or box. Even though it is big, it lays flat so it could easily be added to a scrapbook layout as well. Thank you to SVG Cuts for this amazing pattern.

Next Friday, I will be participating in a Valentine's Day 3D art blog hop. The hop will be running until February 12th. But I will be right back to posting another great flower the following Friday. Stay tuned :)