Friday, July 14, 2017


Hi folks. I just want to share a cute card I made for my sister.
I stopped by her house one day last week and she went through her garden with me. She gave me a little bit of almost every plant she had to transplant at my house!!!!!! I was busy for hours after. I am positive that I planted the wrong things together but I will have fun next year too moving them to where they should be. 
The pattern is from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs. I love how it came out and I know that my sister loved it as well. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Hi folks. I just wanted to share another great 3D skate project that I did.
I made these for an amazing ice skater who has had a tough year of injuries. 
I included a note that wished her a speedy recovery and signed it from 'one of her biggest fans'. She left a message on my voicemail that said she loved them. She was going to hang them in her room and keep them forever. :) You can't get better praise than that :) Feel better Emily.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Hi everyone, I want to share a special project I made for my niece Courtney's birthday.
How awesome are these? It is all made of paper, except the metal grommets holding the laces and the metal nuts on the wheels. The pattern is from My Scrap Chick.It was actually an ice skate that I altered into roller skates to match Courtney's. Here is a photo of her's...
I think I did a pretty good job matching them up :) I hope you have the best birthday ever Court.