Monday, May 28, 2012


Here is another great scrapbook layout featuring three different pattern sets from Designs on Cloud 9. I mainly used the one title 'best in show'. I also included the rose pattern from the 'curly flowers' set. Every winning horse needs a sash with roses right? While the trophy piece is from the 'race time' set.
I love how this horse and rider came out. I added double sided foam tape under the brim of the hat to make it appear more 3D.

How great is the paper for this one? I love it . Even though I have never showed horses or been in any type of races, I did have horses growing up. I always swore that when I became an adult I would have a farm again of my own. I better get a move on huh? Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here is another scrapbook layout using two fabulous paper piecing pattern sets from Designs on Cloud 9 title 'monster trucks' and 'doo-dads 1'.
Page 1
Page 2
Isn't this buggy so cute? It reminds me of my first vehicle ever, a 1982 Chevy Luv. It had a roll bar just like this.
I love the tires on this one. I wish I could put this size on the pick up that I drive now. Look out and get out of my way!
Another great pick up.
Here is a picture of the title.
How great is the paper for this layout? The photo mat paper I actually have had in my 'stash' for years. I bought it at the dollar store ~ what a score! Thanks for looking.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

CONCERTINA CARD step by step instructions

Hello everyone. It feels like months since my last post when in reality it has only been 10 days. I have been so busy ~ maybe even too busy to actually sit, gather my thoughts and type away. Get ready to see some 'catch up' postings/great projects in the days to come.

Today, I wanted to share with you step by step instructions on how I make my 'concertina' cards. A sweet friend of mine Edwina requested it, and since she does not have video capabilities I will provide pictures with each step. I love these cards for a few different reasons. They have such a unique shape to them. Plus I love that when folded up, they can fit into a regular business envelope which requires no extra postage. Haha, the recipient might think that they are getting a yucky bill and what a surprise when they actually open it up to find a cool greeting card!!
 Here we go...
Step 1: Start off with a sturdy double sided cardstock that measures 12"x12".
Step 2: Cut the cardstock at the 7" mark...which will leave you with a 5" remaining panel. Pay attention if the card stock you choose has a vertical or horizontal design.  
Step 3: Score each of the panels every 2"and fold it alternately to get the 'concertina' shape.
Step 4: On the smaller panel, remove the last 2 segments.
Step 5: On the larger panel, measure from the top edge towards the center by 1 1/2" and repeat the same from the bottom towards the center. Then from the first score line to the second one remove that central portion. This opening will measure 8" x 4".
Step 6: Now you need to add channels in each of the center portions for the middle part to sit. Measure about 1/2" deep at the top and bottoms and make a scissor slit. Make sure not to cut too deep or the inside of the card will fall out.
Step 7: Now comes the 'tricky' part... slide the smaller panel into the slits on the larger one. Make sure that you add it so that where you have a mountain fold on the large panel there is a valley one on the smaller panel.
This is a picture taken from above to show you what it will look like when together. Now time to embellish it.
On this card I used my Martha Stewart butterfly paper punches. I applied 'old school' glitter to them. (I should have went with stickles. I had glitter everywhere ~ and I am sure my friend who got this card now has glitter everywhere too!)

This is the back of my card. I used two pieces from the 'journaling tags' set from Designs on Cloud 9. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Have you ever watched a butterfly just casually meandering and fluttering by - it look so peaceful, tranquil and free! They get to land where they want, smell all the flowers and just let the world pass them by. The colors of the butterfly are magnificent with seeming to be no two alike!!!!

Today, we are going to be fluttering with our butterflies and takin you on journies whether it be sniffing the flowers, watching the world pass us by or just showing off our magnicient colors!!! A nice lazy day, so, let get fluttering.....

If you stopped by to visit me today, I really appreciate it but would love for you to see all the butterflies in our hop. The butterfly journey starts with Lynne at Her Craftiness ( If you fluttered here by then you are on the right mark to sniff the flowers.

We have a wonderful sponsor today for our Butterflies Are Free - Susan Bermudez, Creative Memories representative.

I am so very happy to be able to sponsor Miss Lynne's Butterflies are Free Blog Hop. I am offering $10 worth of product from Creative Memories. You can pick what you like from my website: Good luck and Happy Scrappin'.

To be eligible, just leave a remark on each stop along the way and if you aren't already a follower, would love for you to follow also!!!

My project for you today is an altered butterfly mason jar. When I decided to join this hop almost 9 months ago, I thought it would be fun for my Aunt Charline who loves butterflies (and the computer), to hop along and see all these fun projects. Unfortunately she unexpectedly passed away on January 13, 2012. In her memory, I complete this project and will think of her every time I use this jar. Miss you Ma Tante.

I hope you enjoyed watching the beginning video as well as the final project video.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my butterflies and thank you for not catching me and letting me fly around free. I would love for you to stop and visit to see what kind of butterfly enchantment that has been created for you to see next.


Hello again. Here is my latest scrapbook layout featuring three different pattern sets from Designs on Cloud 9.
These cuties are from the 'ice cream' set. I used stickles as 'jimmies' on the double scoop ice cream cone.
The chocolate soft serve cone has 'slick' paint on it to give it a chocolate dipped look. The vanilla soft serve was done with puffy paint to give it some texture. All the word caption bubbles are from the 'journal tag' set.

These two adorable ones are from the 'chill treat' set. Its the ice cream sign hanging off the shop so cute?
Thanks so much for looking. You will want to come back tomorrow because I am participating in a very special blog hop titled 'Butterflies Are Free'. I have been working on my 3D project for days now. I just shot the final video and LOVE how it came out, so make sure you come back and check it out.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I just wanted to share a quick little project I made for my sister and her husband. They are both cancer survivors and participated in chair positions at the Clearwater, Florida Relay for Life Friday night. In addition to all the responsiblities that come with the event, my sister also hosted a CPS-3 (cancer research) event. It was a HUGE success. She had 135 people sign up who are now part of a 20 year lifestyle study to help find causes of cancer that will hopefully lead to a cure for all cancer.
The 2012 Clearwater Relay was bigger and better than ever with more teams and fundraisers. There goal for this Relay was $90,000 and so far they are at $98,000 and still counting! It looks like they will go over $100,000 when the final figures are in, and that will put them second in total money raised at a Relay For Life Event in Pinellas County in 2012!!!

Earlier in the week, I created this cute little 'wine' bottle neck tag, and had my local family members all sign it. Then I mailed to Florida (from Massachusetts) along with money to my niece. She did me a HUGE favor by buying a bottle of cupcake wine, attaching the tag and leaving it on my sister and her husband's front doorstep. What a great surprise to greet them after being up for over 18 hours hosting this great event!!! 
(This is a picture of the back of the label ~ we had a lot of folks signing the tag.) We are all so proud of everything that both Alison and Chris have done for such an important cause. Way to go guys :)

Friday, May 4, 2012


Welcome to Tear Critters on Parade! If you've hopped here from , then you are on the right track. If you've just started the hop, you can go back to the beginning at Mindy's blog ( to see all the wonderful projects. This is a fun-filled hop dedicated to the unique craft of tear critters. What is a tear critter you may ask? Tear Critters or Tear Bears are complete pieces made from mulberry paper. This specialty paper gives them their soft, fuzzy look.

Today, you'll see some fabulous pieces and creations on Tear Critters from these wonderful ladies! Have a fabulous time "hopping" along!

Please be sure to leave a comment on each blog for a chance at the blog candy!

                                                    Page 1
                                                   Page 2
           The patterns used for this layout are from Designs on Cloud 9.

Now please head on over to  to see some more adorable critters!

Here is complete line-up in case you get lost along the way.

Tear Critters on Parade!
Saturday, May 5

1. Mindy Eggen
2. Ashley -
3. Pam -
4. Amanda -
6. Staci McD ~
7. Tammie K -
8. Jennifer
9. Leslie Krochta