Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Two weeks ago, I received a case of tangerines straight from a grove in Florida from very good friend of mine. It couldn't have come at a better time because I had been fighting the flu for 10 days. The fruit was so yummy. It was so thoughtful of them that I wanted to make them a special 'thank-you' card to show my appreciation. I created this easel card using the 'slice of life' pattern set from Designs on cloud 9. This cutie came out so cute and I just love how perfect the ribbon matches the paper.
                                                        This is a shot of the card open flat.
Here is a close up of the card front. I just love it. :) I am sure that they will love it too. Thanks again Ralph, Lois, and Riley!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Look at how great this layout came out! I used several Designs on Cloud 9 patterns to create this. The kissing booth is actually the pumpkin stand from the 'pumpkin patch' set. The bears are all from the 'key to my heart' set. The mailbox and letters are from the 'Santa mail' set. The heart on the mailbox and in the top left corner is from this weeks freebie file title 'heart doilies'. I just love the whole thing. Not really sure what is my favorite, either the kisses on the boy bears face or all the envelopes with hearts on the flaps :)
I hope everyone gets plenty of kisses and love letters this season :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello and welcome to Friday. I thought I would feature the Pansie today. Here is a picture of the pieces:

I just love the shine deep purple paper. When it is laid against the light purple, it really pops. Here is the completed flower:
So pretty. These pictures just do not do this flower justice! Thank you so much to SVG Cuts for the pattern. Stay tuned for a Valentine's Day layout that I am currently working on. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello, I want to share with you today a tri-fold birthday card I made last weekend for my Godfather. He is a HUGE New England Patriots fan, and has had season tickets forever. Unfortunately for him, he and his wife were away on a cruise. Lucky for me, I got the tickets to the playoff game Pats vs Denver. I decided to make a card ahead of time, bring it to the game and have the regular season ticket holders (that surround his seats) sign it. How cool huh? I told each person that they did not have to sign their name but they could sign their seat number and row instead. (How often does a guy get to sign something 'row 24, seat 10'??)
The first picture is of what it looks like open. The second is a better shot of all the detail when the card is flat. The front of the card features the 'football game' pattern set from Designs on Cloud 9.
The third picture is of the back of the card when it is standing up. Then the last picture is of the card laying flat to show more of the details. I used the 'football kids' pattern set for this side also from Designs on Cloud 9. I just LOVE how this came out. I know he will too!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy Friday to everyone. I thought I would feature the Amaryllis today. Some of you might have given or received this plant as a gift for the holidays, if so it might just be in bloom right about now. It comes in bulb form and seems to grow and grow and grow until it finally flowers. Here is a picture of the pieces:   
I have seen this plant in both white and pink and because pink is my color, I created this one in two tone pink.
I just love how these look. If I were to change anything I might add a few green base leaves at the base of the flower. Another huge thank-you to SVG Cuts for the pattern. Stay tuned for more great 3D flowers to come!! Spring is only 62 days away!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello, I am sorry this posting is a few days late but this is the first chance I have had to post in three days. I honestly think it was worth the wait... This is by far my most favorite layout to date!!!

I just LOVE everything about this layout. I love the colors, the patterns, the border punch and the paper roses. The pattern used is from Designs on Cloud 9 titled 'key to my heart'. The photo mat paper is actually a gift bag that I bought at my local supermarket for 99 cents. (I thought it matched to perfectly that I just had to buy it!!!) The 'lacy heart' border punch is from Martha Stewart. The paper roses I created using two different colors red and light pink. I just love this!!! I hope you all enjoy it.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Good Friday to you all. This week I have decided to feature the Dublin Mum. I just love the colors that I used in this one. Here are the 'before' pieces...
It has three body sections with three centers. I folded each of the petals towards the center to give it a 3D effect. Here is the assembled picture...

It's just gorgeous. I wouldn't use it on a scrapbook layout or greeting card because of it being so thick. But it would be a great addition to any 3D project or maybe even a gift box. Thanks to SVG Cuts for the pattern. Stay tuned for more great flowers to come each Friday til spring :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I just wanted to share a quick project with you all. I made these cute Christmas Thank You cards for my family and friends who gave me great gifts this year. The Baby New Year on the front is from the Designs on Cloud 9 'happy new year' set. Hope everyone is having a great beginning of 2012 and sticking to their resolutions ~ if you made any :) I am happy to say that I have put all my Christmas/New Years supplies away and will now be featuring Valentine's Day. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine's Day ~ no pun intended. Next to Halloween, my most favorite holiday. I believe the more 'love' (kindness and understanding) in the world the happier this world would be. Stay tuned for a some great things to come!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello again. I am sticking to my New Year's resolutions of continuing to run and trying to lose my extra weight. After a full week, I am down 5 pounds :) In keeping with the theme, I thought I would create a layout using the 'fitness bear' pattern set from Designs on Cloud 9.
I have to say that I think this one on the treadmill most looks like me! I LOVE my treadmill, although I try and run outside. There are just some days especially in New England where the weather does not cooperate. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and look at my pics. Leave me a comment or two, I love to read them!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello everyone, welcome to the first Friday of the new year. It seems winter has also arrived in Massachusetts. I am a huge outside runner, so I am NOT a fan of the cold. (I actually woke up this morning with my first cold of the season that I think I got on my run two days ago ~ it is tough to plan a 6 mile run in 25 degree temps.) I have decided to start a series called 'Fabulous Flower Fridays' in hopes of making the winter days go a little quicker and have something great to look forward to in the up coming weeks.

I have decided to start with the poinsettia. Now, some of you might not think of this as a flower but I totally disagree. I am one who keeps my poinsettia plants year round. (I don't believe that you should get rid of a living object just because it is out of season.) But I always forget to put the plants in a dark room or closet in the fall to insure the red blooms ~ so yes, all my poinsettias are green. Here are all the pieces.
And here it is all put together. I love how this came out, but next time I will do the center with yellow circles. A big thank you to SVG cuts for the pattern. Stay tuned for more amazing 3D paper flowers to come on Fridays :)