Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have been so busy with life but still have time to scrap. I want to share two birthday cards that I just finished up today. (Although they are a month and three weeks late. Sorry guys.)
 This first card is for my Uncle Bob. I went with the darker more 'manly' colors. This is how it will look when he takes it out of the envelope.
 This is the card when opened and displayed. It is a step card that features a different Designs on Cloud 9 birthday themed piece on each 'step'.
This cake piece is from the 'pipsqueak' set. I dressed it up a bit by attaching a rose from the 'curly flowers' set.
 This adorable guy is from the 'look who's' set.
                      This cupcake is from the 'what a hoot' set.
                    These two gifts are from the 'birthday girl' set.
 I made the same card for my neice Brooke. I just changed the colors a bit to use my favorite pink and purple combo. I hope they both love them and sorry again they were late.