Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello and Happy Easter everyone. I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while I have had a bout of poison ivy. And when I say poison ivy, I mean a really bad case of it. I went to bed fine one night and then woke up with both my eyes swollen shut. It was AWFUL. But after two weeks of two showers a day and heavy meds, I can happily report it is all GONE!!!  I had some different projects that I had started before the outbreak so stay tuned to see as I get them all finished up.
Here is an easel card that I started shortly after my birthday. It is a 'thank you' card that I made for my sister and her husband who sent me some Shari's Berries ~ chocolate covered strawberry yumminess. They were soooo good and did not last very long.
        This is a picture of the easel card when put into position.
                                This is the card when fully open.
This is a shot of the inside of the card. Another huge thank you to Alison and Chris for the awesome birthday gift :)

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