Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hello and welcome. Today is the first day of the New England Patriot's training camp. Or should I say the first day of the super bowl champion New England Patriot's training camp. I did go and it was great. I am going again tomorrow but with two of my nephews. To show my excitement, I made us matching t-shirts.
This is mine. I got it on sale at Old Navy for $4. You can't tell from the pictures but it was done with two different shades of purple. I just love the glitter deep purple.
This is the back of my shirt with my name between my shoulder blades. 
Here are my nephews shirts. I did them in blue, red, and silver glitter heat transfer vinyl. Unfortunately, that is all I had in my stash. I hope they don't think they look to girly with the glitter. 
Here is a close up. I put their last name on their right sleeve. 

Because the weather is forecast to be in the 90's, I bought hand held fan/misters too.
Of course I made vinyl to put our names on the front and the back...
has the team logo. Thanks for looking and Go Pats. 

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