Thursday, July 26, 2012


How cute is this newest set from Designs on Cloud 9? I just love it. 'Get Well' cards are my most favorite cards to make so getting this set was a MUST!!!
Here is page one complete with pill bottle, pills, thermometer, and eye/ear light scope. I also created the flowers from the 'fancy flower' set from DC9.
This page 2 has a great stethoscope, shot, and 'knee banger' (I think that is the technically medical term for that device.).
                  How adorable is this cutie holding the chest xray?
                   I can only hope that my next nurse is this cute!
                    Again, how cute is this bear holding the EKG?
A huge thank you to Michelle for coming up with this set ~ I have been pestering her since I joined DC9 last September for this. :)

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