Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blizzard greetings from New England. I just shoveled my driveway for two minutes just so my husband could get his vehicle in our driveway and it is snowing like crazy. Eek. Be safe everyone. I just wanted to quickly post a project just in case we lose power. Look at this adorable card I made for my niece.
She gave me her sewing machine that has far more stitching options than my current machine. How sweet of her huh? So I made this card to 'thank' her as well as get some practice. I did three different stitches on the front of this easel card.
This is the inside of the card that features three more stitches. Clearly, I need more practice.
Here is the card when put in place. So cute. Thank you again for the use of your amazing machine :)

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