Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi everyone. I have to apologize for being absent for the last month. I have had some technical difficulties...October 1st, I noticed that the cord that attaches my digital camera to download pictures to my computer was getting slower and slower~possible a short in the wiring. So I ordered a replacement and was promised a two week shipping delivery. Well after three weeks of it not arriving, I cancelled the order. Then I headed to Best Buy and bought a card reader. Now I have to play catch up...I promise not to overload you with my projects over the next week or so. I want to start by showing you some Halloween buckets I made for my nieces and nephews.
This pattern is from Designs on Cloud 9, titled 'spooky treat baskets'. These were the perfect size!!
This one was especially for my god-daughter who loves 'mustaches'. I used the Designs on Cloud 9 Mister Mustache pattern.
This bat version I came up with myself. I used the basic base but added wings, and fangs. This one was for my nephew who I did catch playing with it later. It made my heart sing to know that he liked it so much :)
Each bucket had a 'I love you' sticker in the bottom.
This pumpkin is one I delivered at 6:30am. I hung it on my nieces door knob. She took this picture and posted it on her Facebook wall. She was so excited to get it on her way out the door to go to work. I just love Halloween. I hope everyone that got one of these buckets enjoyed them and found a little bit more of happiness.
Come back tomorrow for a 'Thankful' blog hop that I am participating in. It was originally going to be today, but because there was such an interest the group of artists was split into two. My day is tomorrow and my project is pretty great :)

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