Thursday, November 29, 2012


I just wanted to share one more birthday post before moving on to Christmas Craziness. Last Saturday was my Mom's 77th and I made her a banner with her name on it as well as a Birthday card. Lets start with the banner...
I apologize for the poor pictures of this...I totally forgot to take some while it was still in my studio.
                 I used the set from Designs on Cloud 9 titled Banners 1.
I went with the star background in deep purple. Then the middle layer was a few shade lighter and finishing with the letters being made of a pearlized purple paper. I found this matching purple ribbon at Michael's.
Now onto the card...
I went with a concertina card. This was the first time that I used 4 single sided sheets of paper to make this card. In the past I have always used two two sided sheets so this was a bit of a challenge.
This is the back of the card. I used the matching pearlized cardstock for the letters on the card that was also used on the banner.
And once is a picture of my assistant sleeping on the job. (His eye is right abouve the 'D'.)
Happy Birthday Possie. Hope it was a happy one.


  1. It looks great Manda! I love the colors!

    1. Thanks. I did get yelled at because I took 'the pumpkins' down off the mantle to hang the 'possie banner'.