Sunday, May 6, 2012


I just wanted to share a quick little project I made for my sister and her husband. They are both cancer survivors and participated in chair positions at the Clearwater, Florida Relay for Life Friday night. In addition to all the responsiblities that come with the event, my sister also hosted a CPS-3 (cancer research) event. It was a HUGE success. She had 135 people sign up who are now part of a 20 year lifestyle study to help find causes of cancer that will hopefully lead to a cure for all cancer.
The 2012 Clearwater Relay was bigger and better than ever with more teams and fundraisers. There goal for this Relay was $90,000 and so far they are at $98,000 and still counting! It looks like they will go over $100,000 when the final figures are in, and that will put them second in total money raised at a Relay For Life Event in Pinellas County in 2012!!!

Earlier in the week, I created this cute little 'wine' bottle neck tag, and had my local family members all sign it. Then I mailed to Florida (from Massachusetts) along with money to my niece. She did me a HUGE favor by buying a bottle of cupcake wine, attaching the tag and leaving it on my sister and her husband's front doorstep. What a great surprise to greet them after being up for over 18 hours hosting this great event!!! 
(This is a picture of the back of the label ~ we had a lot of folks signing the tag.) We are all so proud of everything that both Alison and Chris have done for such an important cause. Way to go guys :)

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  1. We were very moved by this fabulous, thoughtful gift. The wine is fabulous BUT the fact that so many of the people that I care about signed this incredible wine tag, was super!
    It means a great deal to me, Amanda!