Monday, February 13, 2012


Happy birthday to a special little girl named Hadley. I made her this cute birthday easel card and matching gift bag.
   (Sorry, I couldn't crop out my 1996 F150 pickup~ man I love that truck - 277,000 miles so far!!!) This is a close up of the card.
                         Here is a close up of the matching gift bag.

      I just love how these came out. I am a huge 'pink' lover to begin with, but I love how cute these bears came out as well. Patterns used were provided by Scraptastic Kreations ~ Thank you Kristi!!
I bet some of you are wondering what is going in the bag??? Well, here it is...
How cool huh? (Her mother told me 'no toys'.)


  1. Whoa Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ that!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sew Bee It. I wish it wasnt going to be late :(