Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello and welcome back to 'fabulous flower Fridays'. I have had several people ask me about the peony flower that was recently featured on a Valentine's Day card for my niece (Another Valentines Day Easel Card). It was my first attempt and did not come out anything like I was hoping. But here it goes...

The pattern is from the 'curly flower' set from Designs on Cloud 9. I actually used the smooth leaf  but just cut it out several times in pink in two different sizes. Then I shaded each one with a pink stamp pad.
I then used a stylus tool to curl the paper to make it more bendable. (It is much easier to do on top of an upside down mouse pad.)
I also cut out two snowflakes from the SCAL basic shapes section. I also took the stylus to them also.
I then started gluing the pink petals to each of the 'legs' of the snowflakes. When both flakes were full I then glue one inside the other. Next I made a small ball of the pink paper and then started gluing this petals to the ball. I then glued the ball inside the snowflake piece and then continued to layer the petals until it was full. Like I have said before, it does not look like a peony at all. I hope to practice again real soon. I am confident that I will get to work :)

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