Saturday, February 25, 2012

LET'S PLAY (in the rain)

Is there anything cuter than ducks in raincoats? I just love the cloud and rain papers. The patterns are from the 'rainy days' set from Designs on Cloud 9. I added glossy accents to the coats and hats but really doesn't show up too well in the pictures. There is also yellow bling on each let in the title. This layout came out much better in my head as I was creating it, but I think it is still really cute.
Ironically, I was able to take the first two pictures outside before it started to rain. That would be why this three picture is a little darker.

                                    Thanks so much for looking :)


  1. SEW ducky! I couldn't resist!
    These are great Manda! Hadley would love the cocos.......

  2. OMG, your layout is so super sweet!!! I just love your little ducks.. You should totally enter your layout in my Getting Scrappy Challenge.. If your interested here's the link:

    Scrappy hugs,
    Amanda :0)

  3. OMG, thank you soooo much for the compliments Amanda!!! I am so glad that you like it. (Honestly, I feel like it isn't one of my best ~ it came out much better in my head.) I will certainly go and check out your link. Thanks again from one Amanda to another :)