Monday, December 12, 2016


So when I delivered the advent calendar to my niece back on November 29th, I only gave her the first 11 days. I had them all wrapped up in pretty papers, ribbons and tags.

I made a second delivery last night to deliver Days 12 through 17. (I am beginning to feel like Santa.)
Because now she knows that there is a Harry Potter theme, I changed things up a bit. This is how I delivery the next batch of goodies...

How cool huh?

I found several sites online that had free Harry Potter printables. So I wrapped the gifts. Attached white string. Printed out the different labels and attached them with glue. I then dripped red wax on each of the packages and pressed in a metal stamper. I just LOVE how cool they looked, Thanks so much for looking. Come back tomorrow for an amazing gift. 

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