Friday, December 9, 2016


Hello again and welcome back to Day 9 of 'the 25 Days of Harry Potter Advent Calendar. Here is Day 9...

I altered plastic containers I had in my recycle container into potion bottles. (Sorry for the poor quality photos, it was raining the day I took them.)

Here is my before picture...minus the small mayo jar. UGH sorry.
The first step was to clean all the containers and remove any labels. Next, I applied hot glue to each container and then painted them all in black chalkboard paint.

Here is the finished mayo eel eyes. I stumbled across a small bag of wooden knobs at Goodwill that I just hot glued to the top of the lid for a cool handle.

This next container(formal known as my leave in conditioner) says 'blood; with some drips of blood to match.

Here we have bat wings (aka as my hand soap). I also glued some rope around the top just to change it up a bit. I also glued the metal piece of a broken paper punch I had to the top. I think this one was the shape of a heart.

Here is some cat hair (aka marshamellows). This also has a wooden candle stick holder glue to the top. Just to make it a bit different from the others.

Finally this is toad stool (aka mouthwash). I also glued another broken paper punch metal shaped object to the top.
Thanks so much for looking. Even though I think they look like a 10 year old made them, I dont think they are too bad for my first try. I might make some for myself next year for Halloween decorations. Come back tomorrow for more fun.

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