Friday, December 2, 2016


Hi guys. It is Day 2 of my niece's advent calendar. Here was her gift...

I found a flat wooden frame at Goodwill and hot glued all these different size googily eyes. Then, I googled 'Harry Potter fat lady picture' and printed this image out. The glasses with the scar was actually a necklace that I found on EBAY. It was 12 cents from Hong Kong. I think it might have been a product defect because the scar was so heavy that it would hang upside down when worn as a necklace. Haha. Their mistake is my gain. I just removed the chain and hot glued it to the corner. I love how cute it came out. I also know that my niece liked it because I got a text at 6:30 telling me so. :) Haha. 

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